Those disappointed in the name change vote of Butt Hole Road'll be happy hearing it's not the only hilariously unfortunate street name. Here's ten more to add to the list of world's street signs making your internal ten-year-old laugh below.

[via Swick]

Butt Hole Road
One of our favorites, Butt Hole means "watering hole" in an older form of English.

Cock Hill Lane
We assume a rooster roamed these parts.

Cockburn Street
Pronounced coh-burn, if you pronounce it with a hard "k" sound it's because you didn't wrap it up.

Dumb Womans Lane
Ann Coulter has to live somewhere.

Slutshole Lane
Slut used to mean "mud" and therefore this is mud shole lane. Take too many trips down this road, though, and you'll end up on Cockburn Street.

Economy Road
Oh no, we're in the red! Even worse: it's a cul-de-sac.

No Name Street
After reviewing these other names, we think this was the safe way to go.

PeePee Falls Street
One more reason why you should always wear a hat.

Penis Road
The "Pen Is Mightier."

Blueball Avenue
We don't care how much it hurts, avoid Slutshole Road.

Titman Road
Who isn't?