If the eyes are the window to the human soul, headlights are the window into the automotive soul (which explains why old Cougars seem soulless). Let's do some soul searching. What car has the best-looking headlights?

Almost everything about the Porsche 928 is controversial: the drivetrain, the layout, the styling, its place in the Porsche pantheon. It therefore may seem odd to most we'd pick its two round headlights as the most attractive, given our love of the quad-round, but the geek factor comes into play. In retracted mode, the lights complement the sleek hood of the 928 and provide one smooth surface. When engaged, the lights pop up and mimic the great German and British sports cars of the mid-20th century. It made a strong statement about the model in the Porsche lineup: I'm the past and I'm the future. Unfortunately, in our view, they went back to the past.


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Photo Credit: Your Classic Porsche