This Corvette Le Mans EVO prototype was spied by an eagle-eyed reader of ten-tenths during a visit to Pratt & Miller's Michigan headquarters. It could have been a reality if the 2007 rule changes occurred.

The rule changes that were proposed in 2007 by the Le Mans governing body, ACO, would have combined the GT1 and LMP1 classes into a single 'EVO' racing class, which would have brought back a style of GT racing not seen since pre-2000 when Mercedes CLK-GTRs battled it out with the Porsche 911-GT1s. The proposed rule change caused many teams, including Pratt & Miller, to rethink their racing program.


Pratt & Miller is the builder of the multiple championship-winning Corvette C6.Rs and knows a thing or two about racing in different sports car classes. The model and rendering above was their rendition of what a Corvette 'EVO' racer would have looked like. It's unfortunate that it never came to fruition, but thankfully they didn't scrap the model along with the rule changes. [corvetteblogger via tentenths]