It takes inspired madness to imagine the perfect mate for a Ferrari F355 chassis is a Citroen 2CV Fourgonnette body. After thousands of hours of labor, this is the fastest French bread-van you'll ever see.

Imagine sitting at a stop light somewhere in Europe, an old French delivery truck next to you. When things turn green it issues a Satanic wail and disappears into the distance as only an Italian supercar can. This is the result after 1,500 hours of work by Nimik, an group of crazy Italians who like to build rally cars and turn heads doing it.


The car was created by essentially lowering the body of the Fourgonette over the stripped chassis of the Ferrari and then stitching everything together. Of course, the body had to be widened and the air-intakes fabricated and a thousand other things, but holy Moses, the results speak for themselves.

We can only imagine the indignant howls of outrage from the Ferrari faithful whenever this guy pulls into a car show. How does one even register this car during a track day? As a 12 HP, rattly old French car with a ton of character but the suspension of a barbecue grill, or one of Italy's finest examples of supercar perfection, with a manic 380 HP 3.5 liter V8 and a suspension from heaven.


Regardless, we salute you, Mr. "I put a Ferrari and a Citroen together," you may have created the most Jalop vehicular mashup ever. [The Auto Union, Swiss Car Sightings]