Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Want to drive like the Stig, but without the anonymity? Well, Nice Price or Crack Pipe is here to help, with the only American-spec Gumpert Apollo available, and it's all kinds of orange.

Last week went out with a piston-through-the-block bang of a Nice Price Fiero trifecta, sending us into the long holiday weekend with mid-engine fantasies dancing in our heads. Now it's time to come back down to earth with another mid-engine machine, for today we're contemplating the Gumpert Apollo.

You remember the Gumpert- it's the supercar with the silly name and the Audi engine. This one has an equally loony orange paint scheme, with matching interior trim inserts. Unlike last week's three Fieros for one deal, this is claimed the only Gumpert Apollo offered for sale in the U.S.. That, and the berserker-cannibal performance (the Gumpert is the current Top Gear test track record holder) may validate that equally crazy half a million asking price.

Let's review, shall we?


What makes a 4.2 litre 650bhp Audi engine move this car so fast? Well, as noted by the seller, at 2,500 lbs it weighs less than a Mini Cooper, and has enough wings, splitters and scoops that Gumpert asserts the downforce created would stick the car to the top of a tunnel at speed- a claim yet to be substantiated. Any volunteers?

So is this one of a kind, pumpkin orange, and crazier than Charlie Manson on meth Gumpert worth selling your yacht for, and earning a vote of Nice Price? Or does that $499,999 sticker win the Crack Pipe test track record?

You decide!

It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown- 2008 Gumpert for $499,999!

It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown- 2008 Gumpert for $499,999!


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