Here's a cheeky product to simultaneously camouflage your trash-heap garage and annoy your neighbors — "Style Your Garage." Printed tarps to wrap over the garage door with stuff like Ferraris and SR-71 Blackbirds on them.

Attached to the garage with industrial velcro, the product comes in a wide array of designs ranging from a C2 Corvette to a steam locomotive and even comes in two- and three-bay designs featuring a dump truck and a hangar-ed commercial jetliner.

We're also wondering if they've been good boys and gotten permission to use the image of Freakshow as one of their designs. If you're feeling racy, there's an NSFW design featuring booth professionals of an entirely different sort in the site's "Other" section. The product is currently only for sale in the old country starting at about $275 and we blush at the thought of shipping something like this across the Atlantic, but we're certain stranger things have been done in pursuit of the perfect Man Cave before. [Style Your Garage]