The Hillsborough Concours d'Elegance is a super-upscale car shows, with the rich folks showing off their high-buck machines. This time, the organizers had the bright idea of inviting five 24 Hours Of LeMons racers.

You figure it's going to look like Caddy Day at the pool, right? Unfortunately, the five LeMons veterans (including the Autobahn Racing BMW 2002, the Flakes' 'Chevolvo' Volvo 244, the Faster Farms Plymouth Belvedere, the Ecurie Ecrappe Alfa Romeo Spider, and the Mille Miglia Alfa Romeo Alfetta) were ghettoized in a parking lot, apart from the Rolls-Royces and Ferraris. "We're ghettoized because we are ghetto," explained LeMons Chief Perpetrator Jay Lamm.

Also parked with the LeMons machines was the best beater Aston Martin ever, complete with spinner-removin' Hammer Of Thor mounted underhood. The folks in the crowd- those who trekked over to the bad side of the tracks, at any rate- weren't quite sure what to make of the veteran racing machines, but someday their authentic racing provenance will see them selling for millions of Plutonium Krugerrands at Barrett-Jackson.

Meanwhile, the PA was manned by a guy with an English accent so refined ("…be aware, ladies and gentlemen, that the word Jag-yoo-ah does not contain the letter ahhhh") that we became convinced that he probably grew up in the infamous Red Phosphorus Acres Trailer Park in Lodi, and the San Francisco 49ers Cheerleaders were on hand to add a surreal note to the proceedings. Some pretty cool iron was there in on the grass, including a perfect Kaiser-Darrin, a 427/4-speed Galaxie 500, and a showroom-condition Citroën Traction-Avant. I got enough shots for some gallery action: