I've finally dragged out the ol' SCSI slide scanner (purchased back when my main computer was a Centris 650, so we're talking prehistoric hardware here) and digitized more of my old I-5 photos.

I went to college in SoCal during the mid-to-late 80s and often took the 430-mile drive back to the East Bay, nearly always on Interstate 5 (rather than the slower, prettier Highway 101 or the stuck-behind-'66-Dodge-pickup-full-of-refrigerators Highway 99). In those days, most people died of diptheria by age 30 and cameras depended on toxic silver salts to capture images; I was doing a lot of photography at the time and generally dragged the ol' Canon AE-1- and occasionally a thrift-store Kodak X-11 shooting 126 cartridges- along on my trips. I posted a few of these back in '07, in addition to the MGB-GT I-5 adventure slide show. Many of these shots were taken from the passenger side of my then-girlfriend's '78 Olds wagon, while others were taken from the driver's seat (yes, operating a full-manual SLR while driving isn't such a great idea) of the MG or my '65 Impala 4-door.