The GreenGT LeMans Prototype is the future of racing from the extra-crunchy Swiss-based green racing company, GreenGT. Mix one part Chevy Volt, one part Speed Racer Mach 1 and a dash of kickassery. Do want.

GreenGT just released their first self-named open-top prototype racer, but they felt they could do more with the concept of green eco-racing. Enter ISD Valencienne design student, Thomas Clavet, and his amazingly proportioned GreenGT LeMans Prototype design study.


Engineers from GreenGT have run a computer study of possible performance figures based on a set of 1,475 lb-ft of torque electric motors. 0-60 mph could be possible under 4 seconds with a terminal velocity of 171mph. We're sure the GreenGT Electric LeMans Prototype could do better if it had some of its ultra-cool bodywork shaved up a bit in a wind tunnel.

At this point in the game the GreenGT has as much of a future reality as the Dodge Circuit EV seeing as it's strictly living in the tube, but if need be and if funds permit, GreenGT could get this eco-racer up and running in time to run in the 2011 24 Hours of LeMans race and even possibly transition it into a road-going electric super car shortly after. [CarPlatform via GreenGT, Thomas Clavet]