Autocar's sources claim the Dodge Circuit EV program has been put on hold indefinitely, meaning the Tesla Roadster-competitor got unplugged before ever seeing the light of day.

Less than a month after Chrysler ran a full page ad in our national newspapers and also finalizing a deal with A123 Systems to supply the battery packs, a heavy-handed rumor is coming down the stream that the whole project might be dead in the water causing at least one question to be raised: Was the Dodge Circuit EV ever intended for production or was it just a clever marketing tool for Chrysler to put in front of congress in order to receive government aid? The answer, if this news is correct, is abundantly clear as sliding a freshly-baked electric halo vehicle under the nose of congress is a pretty eye-catching way to show that Chrysler is making exciting attempts to both build an electric brand that will garner plenty of public attention, potentially translating into sales of other brand vehicles, and to show that extensive work is being done to provide a green vehicle lineup.

On the realistic, non-conspiracy theory side of things, it's likely that the Circuit EV was canceled (if it actually was) because of Chrysler's current financial dilemma. Either way, we were hopeful that this vaporware exciting electric sports car would eventually make it to market. [lotusenthusiast via autocar]