Citroënet is one of the few marque-specific car websites that can measure up to the standard set by Allpar, and it doesn't take much digging there to unearth some jaw-dropping stuff.

There's always the infamous Wankel-powered Citroën GX Birotor (rotary + Citroën= boiling brain), but Novaload has found us something even better: Trevor Fiore's 1980 Karin concept car. Fiore seems to have approved of the 3-seater concept, but didn't want to emulate the boring three-abreast seating of the Matra Bagheera. On the Karin, the driver sits in the middle and the two passengers sit slightly behind and to the sides. Since it's a Citroën, the steering wheel and instruments were taken from the fevered brain of a surrealist science-fiction paperback cover artist. This car so gets the Jalopnik Stamp-O-Approval™!