We were reminded yesterday of the awful side of car advertising. With hundreds of cars for sale, some are winners, some are boring and some are just plain awful. What's the worst car commercial ever?

One day, when all cars have been replaced by teleportation devices, they'll have to write the history of automobiles. About the way they made people feel. About life, and culture, and music. God help us if they choose the Black Gold Datsun 280ZX commercial. Ignoring that, you know, "black gold" is already a thing, this commercial manages to disturb on many levels. The sight of two hot-for-the-70s actors, including one with a stash that would make Freddy Mercury jealous, making out is enough to turn you off from the car. Then there's the entrancingly awful "Black Goooooold" chorus in the background. Finally, what's with all the strange erotic imagery? Notice how he grips the shifter? What about the gold nails scratching along the gold interior? Then there's our favorite moment when the little in-car display flashes "HEAD" for everyone to see. We think we know where this is going and the t-tops will only make it worse.

What do you think is the worst car commercial? Ads that are funny bad, strangely bad, and just bad bad. Feel free to drop a video link directly into the tips. For ideas check out the Ad Watch and Classic Ad Watch tags.


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