Days after we first learned of a battery cable issue that caused the first reported Camaro crap-out, we're now told GM's officially issuing a recall for the problem on the Camaro SS. UPDATE BELOW.

Although we're told it only takes about 30 minutes to fix, we're being told GM's now issued a voluntary "official recall" on the 2010 Chevy Camaro SS over the battery cable issue that caused one Camaro5 member's new Bumblebee-yellow mullet-mobile to die less than 40 miles from the dealership. We're also being told GM's asking for the Camaro SS to be flat-bed hauled back to the dealership rather than driven there under its own power. More coming shortly.


UPDATE: We've just posted a gallery of pages from the technical service bulletin below — so you can see how you'll be affected if you own a Super-Sporty version of the new Chevy Camaro. Sorry for the pages being a little bit out of order. Blame the interns. And by interns we mean us.