Nothing goes together quite as well as Beaver and Porsche, and now here's your chance for that combo in a Nice Price or Crack Pipe car even Eddie Haskell couldn't spoil.

The seller claims this 1982 Porsche 911 Targa was once owned by Jerry Mathers, better known to millions of American boomers as "the Beaver". On Leave it to Beaver, Mathers grew from a cute preadolescent to a dark-eyed, and kind of creepy teenager before the show was eventually canceled. Like many a child star, he had trouble transitioning to adult roles, but was one of the first to cut a deal for merchandising and syndication rights, and continued to receive payouts long after the show ended in 1963. Today he dabbles in acting, personal appearances and financial investment.


At some point in time, according to this seller, the Beav' bought himself a 911 SC Targa. The '82 SC (or Super Carrera) had the 930-based 2994cc, 204bhp flat six and Porsche's slick 5-speed gearbox. Like all late-model Targas, the rear window is fixed, and the trim, including the targa bar, is all matte black. Also all black is the Turbo-look whale tail, which stands out like the Beaver when he got that bad haircut. The Big Lots steering wheel cover and cheesy seat slippers belie the seller's claim that its been cared for by a devoted owner, but perhaps they are only there to protect the contact points, and don't cover up some nasty pieces on this Beaver Cleaver. The 93,000 miles showing on the odo shouldn't be of concern because these cars were pretty bulletproof by this generation.

Twelve-five is chicken feed for a decent 911, and when the water-cooler chat turns to the Beaver connection, your friends- unlike Lumpy and Eddie- will praise you for your cool investment acumen. They'll wonder if they could pick up a Dennis the Menace Mustang, or maybe a My Three Sons Matra Bagheera.

So what do you think of the Beaver's Targa? Is $12,500 a Nice Price for a Child Star Sports Car? Or is the seller living on a fantasy island where father doesn't know best, and Beavers command a lot less?

You decide!

Madison Craigslist or go here if the ad gets cancelled. Thanks to tempejo for the tip.