Scott Morse, Illustrator and story-teller extraordinaire, is just wrapping up the final pages of his latest hard-edged, hand-drawn comic book; the story of headlight-equipped cyclops racer, "Dawn of the Gearheads." Damn it's cool.

The title "Dawn of the Gearheads" should instead have been titled "Trials and Tribulations of Jalopnik," but we know that would never happen. Scott hand draws all of his work on scrap panels using Tombow brush pens, then scanned and imported into Photoshop for final composition. He then uses a custom Photoshop brush to stamp the image, giving it the appearance of an old printing pattern. Scott claims that all of the writing is 'from the hip,' but with a story this awesome; how could that be?


The comic still needs about five pages before it's completed and will run 28 pages in its final form. Scott is currently running all of the finished pages on his blog, Red Window, which you'll be able to read before they disappear in order to be reprinted for a San Diego Comic Con special edition run of 50 prints. Make sure you check it out.

(Hat Tip To s0crates82!) [via RedWindow]