According to, Nissan is developing a plug-in hybrid version of its Nissan 370Z for the 2011 MY. Normally, we'd call this idle speculation, but the world is topsy-turvy these days, so we'll play along.

Nissan has previously stated its intent to release a hybridized version of its Fuga Sedan, which is the Infiniti M in the US, but if these sources are correct the plan is to drop it into the Z the following year. The system would centered around an NEC-sourced lithium-ion battery and an electric drive motor in parallel with the internal combustion engine, each getting their own separate clutch. The car would get plug-in capability which would help push the fuel economy up to a projected, and darn-respectable 35 MPG in combined use. If it comes to pass, the 370Z hybrid would be the first large scale hybrid sports car available and will make us rethink our hybrid smugness-o-meter. [ via Edmunds Straightline]