We've all had a mystifying, frustrating and recurring leak we don't know how to quickly fix without pulling the whole system apart. Sounds like a familiar problem. Enter woman's best friend — the Tampon.

International Full Size Jeep Association member, rixcj, doesn't have to be ashamed anymore when his wife calls on him to make a late night tampon run to the store, knowing full well that he'll be able to use those little cotton pops for his own leaks. He had just completed a full rebuild of a 1989 AMC 360 engine for his 1979 Jeep CJ5 when he found a nasty little oil leak dripping from the oil pump. Tired from the rebuild, he didn't feel like tearing the whole thing down to find out where he'd gone wrong, he made his own little fix with the help of a fabricated bracket and a tampon. (Hat Tip To LTDScott!) [via ifsja]