NOOOOOO! Unless we're mistaken, the first recorded Corvette ZR1 crash's popped up on eBay, after the driver apparently lost control of Lutz's raging 638 HP hard-on, curbing it very hard. "Buy-It-Now" price? $97,500!

To be fair, it's not the first ZR1 to take a dive. But it's the first we've heard of that wasn't at a media event being driven by our former boss-man, Mike Spinelli. The good news, like Spinelli's dented ZR1, is it appears most of the goodies are in perfect condition. Everything that isn't the driver's side rear fender, rear fascia and driver's side rear suspension is still in working order. The car only has 1,227 miles on it and it's got the premo package, so there's a lot there for your salvage-buying dollar. We're just a little weepy over the crackup... give us a second here... phew, okay, we teared up for a moment but we're back.


Anyway, the starting bid is sitting at $75,000 and if you want to "Buy-It-Now" the price is set at $97,500. You have two options here; You can either work with your local stealership and repair the car to its former glory or use its guts as the single greatest kit car or Se7en starting point ever. Hey, whatever you do, it's bound to be be better looking than the Mantide. Paging Doctor Groner, Doctor Matt Groner. [<a href=" Listing via Corvette Blogger]