Some cars or situations require something less-than-professional repairs from an experienced wrench-turner. Many of us turn to less-than-professional alternatives. Some of these are horrifying. What's your most "Ghetto Fab" car repair?

Anyone who has ever driven a third-generation Ford Taurus knows the mirrors stick out a few feet from the car and are made of an easily-shatter-able piece of unbending plastic. It is, itself, a form of "Ghetto Engineering" from the manufacturer. Over a period of no more than two years my family went through three mirrors. Eventually, you just give up. Like most, we turn to the cornerstone of impromptu repairs: duct tape. Can you duct tape an entire mirror to a car? Of course you can! But what if doesn't match? Try a layer of black gaffers tape over it for a perfect match. Finally, Unfortunately, our job left a little bit of a whine at high speeds. How to fix? What's smoother than a layer of packing tape to give it a nice sheen. It was a workable solution, but it required ten bottles of goo-be-gone to remove.

So that's our "ghetto fab" mod. What's your's? And remember, link us to pictures of said mod or it didn't happen.


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Photo credit: Divine Harvester @ Flickr