Pontiac made some pretty good television ads, but we mustn't overlook the print ads. Franzouse has found a treasure trove — here are 50 Pontiac classics.

In this series of Pontiac print ads, which covers the postwar period through the Malaise Era, we see how the marketers repositioned Pontiac's image (or whatever the marketing term is) several times over the decades. Prior to the late 1950s, Pontiac was all about car-per-dollar value. Then came the "impress the sophisticates at the country club" era, and you can tell the exact moment at which John Z. De Lorean finally established full control of the division by the focus on engine power and youthful hijinks. Then, of course, Malaise Pontiacs were all about the tape stripes and miles per gallon. The gallery below holds just a fraction of the ads at the original site, so be sure to make the jump and see them all!
[John's Old Car And Truck Ads]