According to a post on ToyotaNation, a Lamborghini dealership employee allegedly got into a street race with a Viper GTS while delivering an ultra-rare Lamborghini Countach once owned by Mario Andretti. Guess what happened next?

Here's the scoop from Shoguns, who posted the photos:

This happened on the 45 north feeder road in between Rankin and Richey. Which is about a mile down the road from Lamborghini of Houston. Turns out this car was street racing an 06 Dodge Viper GTS and they both somehow lost control. What makes it even worse is that the lamborghini was previously owned AND SIGNED by Mario Andretti himself! It was a mint condition 1989 25th Anniversary version with less than 6,000 kilometers on the odometer. The car was just purchased from Lamborghini of Houston earlier today and one of the Lambo techs was driving it. He was on his way to deliver it to the new owner that supposedly paid over $100k for it.

We're not surprised. We grew up driving up-and-down this stretch of I-45 and it's not well designed and full of bad drivers in fast cars. What may be worse is the description of the Lambo from the dealership (our emphasis):

Lamborghini Houston is pleased to offer this Ultra Rare 1989 Lamborghini Anniversary Edition Countach with only 5,919 original kilometers in the extremely rare Rosso Siviglia Red over Tan leather. Yes, this was 'race car driver' Mario Andretti's personal car. He has signed the rear wing and his name is still on the Title. It is as close to brand new as possible. This incredible rare collector's Anniversary Countach will be sold quick.

Don't miss this irreplaceable '89 Countach!

Thankfully, the wreck doesn't look to be too severe. We've put a call into Lambo of Houston for full details and they said they would call us back, though they seemed aware of what happened. Below are the full photos of the car from the dealership. Hat Tip to Sean!