Dennis Kneale, CNBC's bespectacled lunchtime loud-mouth attacked American cars for not having an "iPod jack in every car." Kneale's obviously never heard of Ford's epic Sync system or the aux-in jack in every GM vehicle.

That aux-in jack that can be found in every GM product is the same aux-in jack you'll find in every Toyota product. But more to the point of supposed technological superiority ‚ÄĒ find me a Toyota or Honda-branded vehicle with a plug-in-play system that works as effortlessly as Ford's Sync system.

Tell you what ‚ÄĒ Kneale can send us an e-mail (ray-at-jalopnik-dot-com) and we'll stop by Englewood Cliffs in a fully-optioned Toyota Camry hybrid and a similarly-equipped Ford Fusion hybrid and you can tell me which one is more technologically advanced. Hell, we could show up in a Sync-equipped Ford Focus and it'd kick the Camry's ass in techie goodness. So until Kneale learns a bit more about what equipment comes in what model, we'd suggest he stick to doing what he does best ‚ÄĒ blathering on about things that aren't cars. We'd suggest perhaps maybe class warfare. See the full clip below: