A van apparently lost use of its brakes and drove directly through the door of a suburban Detroit Subway earlier today, sending one individual to the hospital. Seems the driver couldn't wait to eat fresh.

The accident occurred at roughly 2 o'clock this afternoon and Jalopnik was live to catch all the action just after it unfolded. We were told by store employees that the store had about 5 customers waiting in line to purchase food and one man sitting down eating. The man sitting down was in close proximity to the front door of the restaurant eating his $5 foot long, when the van, owned by a local window washing company, crashed through. He was sent to the hospital is apparently in okay condition, but was the only one injured in the event. Jim Canny, the store's owner, told us that he was extremely grateful that the accident occurred just after their usual lunch rush, but was concerned of the injured young man's condition. The driver claimed that the van wouldn't brake due to "mechanical failure." We say he was just hungry and couldn't wait to feed the beast. Take a peak below at the carnage.

[via our awesomeness]