Unemployed former GM factory worker Greg Eddy has his share of problems, but thanks to Michigan's inability to calculate unemployment benefits, he's now also getting less money and a whopping $2,400 bill.

After Eddy lost his job with GM โ€” twice โ€” he decided to go on unemployment while heading back to school at ITT for a degree in communications. He was receiving normal payments (which we'll remind readers he paid for with his taxes) when the State of Michigan Department of Human Services informed him they'd miscalculated his unemployment benefits and had been writing him checks that were too big. Not only would they be cutting his benefits but they'd like that extra $2,400 โ€” an overpayment that occurred as a result of their own screw-up โ€” back.

Eddy is taking it in stride, saying he'd pay it back even though it wasn't his fault. He's currently on the hunt for a new job, and hoping to get that degree and get the heck out of the auto sector. [MLive]