This 1993 model year Ferrari F40 LM is serial number 97881 and number 15 out of 19 ever built, so what's it doing torn apart, exposing its inner goodies for all the world to see?

To be perfectly honest, we really didn't care too much to find out the answer to the question of why. We were more concerned with taking a good hard look at the absolutely amazing machinery that the boys from Maranello and a little racing shop named Michelotto put together. Though, for those of you that really need to know where babies like this come from — According to the consignment seller, Ferraris-Online, the car was torn down completely to perform a complete body and chassis restoration for its next seriously lucky owner. Simple as that. So enjoy and if you feel the need to take a peak at the inner workings of the Tipo F120B twin-turbo V8, take a peak at our previous Supercar Teardown, Tearing Down The Engine Of A Ferrari F40, where you'll see the mechanically similar Tipo F120A that was viciously ripped out of a '91 F40 and given a full and laborious work over. And even better yet, a full history of the Ferrari F40, including a very interesting one-off F40 LM Barchetta, can be had here; The Story Of The Ferrari LM That Lost Its Top. [via ferraris-online]

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