A Ferrari F430, piloted by the privileged 19-year-old sons of a Russian bank's top managers, has been smashed to bits on the streets of Moscow. Don't worry, they lived to smash more Ferraris another day.


It happens like clockwork, the weather warms in the northern hemisphere and everyone hauls out dusty super cars, giddily hot-rodding them and inevitably planting a couple into something hard, add youthful stupidity to the mix and it's practically guaranteed. The two teenage sons of Russian bankers were lighting up Moscow streets at speeds topping 125 MPH when they lost control and smashed into the back end of a Range Rover. There were surprisingly no serious injuries in the Rover and no bystanders were hurt, but the two had to be cut from the car and taken to an area hospital where they're expected to make a full recovery. And by full recovery we mean learn nothing, guilt their dad's into buying even more exotic cars, and then smash those up during drunken, late-night escapades. [KP.ru (translated), English Russia]