When you saw the video of the Team Unsafe At Any Speed Corvair living up to its team's name at the Arse Freeze-a-Palooza LeMons, did you feel envious of those mighty Corvair jockeys?

Of course you did! Why, everyone at the track was scared to death in awe of the first-ever 24 Hours Of LeMons Corvair… and now you East Coasters have a shot at inspiring the same sort of dread respect from members of teams running humdrum RX-7s and yawnworthy E30s at the New England 24 Hours Of LeMons. That's right, the Powerglide-equipped 1963 Chevrolet Corvair 700 four-door being race-prepped by UDMAn is running fine, UDMan is starting to assemble an all-star team to drive it… and two openings remain on the roster! If you've got more guts than brains, know your way around a race track, and have sufficient greenbackage to pay your share of race expenses, UDMan wants to hear from you. Write your "I Think Ralph Nader Is The Devil - Sign Me Up!" essay in a comment below, comment in UDMan's CarDomain Blog post, or email me with a suitable rant and I'll forward it to UDMan. Index Of Effluency, here you come!