We were at the Shanghai Auto Show foam mock-up revealing of Stile Bertone's Mantide, but our friends from The Italian Junkyard did one better. Check out the real Mantide, interior and engine included.

Damiano, from The Italian Junkyard, was kind enough to share with us his live coverage of the Stile Bertone Mantide reveal at the Balloco Fiat Proving Ground in Italy. As you can see in the images below, what you're looking at is the real, fully-running Mantide including it's full alcantara-covered, spartan, race-like interior and a cleverly disguised 638-horsepower, supercharged LS9 V8 from the donor Corvette ZR1. Like us, Damiano is absolutely in love with the Mantide, proving even more so, that you need to see this car in person to fully appreciate its complexities and design prowess. Maybe these shots will help change your mind too...or maybe not. Just remember Mr. Castriota's watching.

If you haven't already done so; check out our live Shanghai Auto Show coverage of the Mantide and our interview with the car's designer, Jason Castriota. [via TheItalianJunkyard]