The jostle for remaining super-car buyers is getting nasty. A New York Ferrari dealership is accusing a competiting Aston Martin dealership of corporate espionage, alleging they hacked their e-mail and spied on client correspondence.

Ferrari Maserati of Fort Lauderdale-Long Island in Plainview, New York is claiming Giacomo Ciaccia, Leka Vuksanaj and Michael Lussos of Universal Autosports LLC in Glen Cove hacked into their email servers over 2,500 times, spying on dealer to client correspondence in the hopes of skimming customers off the Ferrari Dealer. Universal Autosport sells Aston Martins and Bentley's to the same geographic crowd so the motive is pretty simple here. The three were taken into custody on Wednesday where they will be charged with "conspiracy to access a computer without authorization and obtain information for commercial gain and to further an intended fraud," which brings with it the possibility of a five years in jail sentence and a $250,000 fine. [Auto Evolution]