The new fighter jet hotness F-22 Raptor, was apparently "killed" in mock dog-fighting by a lowly little T-38 training jet. Video below.

According to the flight gurus at, FlightGlobal, the F-22 Raptor was locked onto during a simulated dog fight with a T-38 Talon training fighter. Wasn't the F-22 and its extreme stealth capability designed to prevent things like this from happening? According to the source the T-38 pilot was "either absurdly lucky or insanely skilled." Whichever it is, we're glad it wasn't a real Raptor really getting shot down in a real combat situation by a real combatant. So, if you follow, we're glad it wasn't real. Unfortunately for that last F-22 Raptor — their knock-down was.
[youtube via flightglobal]