GreatWall Motors is at it again, this time sticking to what they know best; SUVs and alien-like designs. Is it just us or does the Hover H7 look ready to eat your face off?

Not content with freaking us out with their first car, the CHC011, they're also readying this horrifically designed Hover H7 SUV for the 2009 Shanghai Auto Show next week. The front end literally scares the s#!t out of us, but the side glass somewhat intrigues us in a dirty, voyeuristic-kind of way. Could this thing birth a Wes birthing a Honda Asimo? You betcha!

Meant to replace the current mid-size SUV sales chart-topping Hover, the H7 Concept features a 3.0-liter V6 mated to a six-speed automatic transmission that will drive all four wheels to a 225 km/h topspeed. It's not fast, nor is it technologically advanced, but it's sure to scare away some of those insane Chinese bus drivers. We'll try to get up close and personal with the Hover H7 Concept next week from the Shanghai Auto Show floor. [via thetycho]