During the last Jalopnik Haiku Contest, I threatened to make the next Poetry Deathmatch a limerick contest, so get those rhyming motors running! Today's subject will be Model Bloat, as exemplified by the Camaro's history.

There's no shortage of vehicles that have experienced the Model Bloat Effect. The Civic. The F-150. The Sentra. The Mustang. So, so many bloat victims! Just pick one and compose a limerick, and I'll give the composer of the best one my review copy of The Original Wild Ones: Tales of the Boozefighters Motorcycle Club, courtesy of Motorbooks. Here's a pseudo-lame Model Bloat Limerick of my own, to set the bar good and low:

The Volkswagen fans felt the crimp
When the Golf grew fat as a blimp
But the market has spoken
The scales are now broken
Might as well fully unpimp

OK, what have you got?