When you've got a few hours to kill before catching your flight out of Charlotte, North Carolina, what do you do? Pound Retsina-and-Schlitz Boilermakers at the airport bar… or check out Holman Moody's shop?

Sure, you could do both, but after risking a case of Jake Leg from the moonshine selection at the racetrack, even the smoooooth Pine-Sol taste of retsina didn't seem so appealing. We steered our rented Impala straight to the nondescript business park in which the legendary race car builder does its thing.

Thanks to Southern hospitality, the LeMons crew didn't get booted right out of the shop based on our scurvy-looking appearance. Instead, we were invited to poke around and gaze in awe at the machinery, and even the extremely cynical and jaded ex-automotive journalist Jay Lamm was heard to utter "Dang!" How about a replica of the Holman Moody '64 Fairlane Sports Car?

And when it's time to haul some large parts, they've got this '66 Ford flatbed parked out back. They've got a pretty cool mini-museum as well, and now I'm seriously wishing I still had my '68 Cyclone fastback.

You like the Ford GT40? Holman Moody will build you a brand-new one!