We may not always agree with Consumer Reports' Dave Champion, but we think he's good people. Hearing the inane commentary from CNN's Don Lemon before and after Champion's review, however, makes us want to cry.

It's a smackdown, drag-out fight between the Chevy Malibu and the Honda Accord. And by smack-down, drag-out, we mean Champion thinks both cars perform admirably, he's just concerned about the three- to four-year residual value on the Malibu because the new model's only been out a year.

But does one have higher quality than the other? If you listen to Dave Champion, no. But the answer's yes according to CNN's chatty Don Lemon. The only thing that makes us want to vomit more than watching this piece is that we missed out on the whole "asians need to change their names" piece immediately after this one. But please, watch, if only to see why we can no longer watch CNN with the sound on.