While traveling through rural Pennsylvania doing untold, illicit things, we spotted an all too familiar set of tail lamps sticking out of the back of a dump truck. This is its story.

Rolling down some unnamed, unmaintained backwoods highway in a VW van far too overloaded with camera gear, we noticed just the rough edge of an iconic rear fascia barely nudging its way out of the back of a grimy dump truck. "Captain to engine room, full stop."


We gingerly approach the owners of said truck, hulking DSLRs in hand, and kindly inquired why such a car was jammed into such a truck. The wire-mouthed man only replied, "We in trouble?" After a solid ten minutes of allaying his fears by explaining that we were not after him for committing some crime, he informed us that he's loading up junked cars to be parted out in Guatemala. Unable or unwilling to explain his business model, we still came away impressed that certain economic forces exist that make it viable to load junked cars in rural PA and drive them to southern Central America and still turn a profit. It seems the end game of this rolled Impreza RS was to be disassembled and live anew amongst the still-fighting Subies of the far south.

As we were leaving, we noticed his comrades were measuring up a similarly wrecked Kia Sephia and VW Jetta. They were sizing up the length of the vehicles to fit transversely, four cars in total, along their bright orange heavy equipment trailer. Bravo.