Rarely do you see an entrepreneur tapping into an entirely unserved business segment, something which once discovered becomes immediately a necessity. The geniuses behind Dial-A-Llama have done exactly that. Now we want a home-delivered llama.

It's a simple enough concept: You need a llama but you have no way to get one, simply call up Dial-A-Llama and they come calling in their mislabeled Volga M24 with a roof rack full of llamas for you to choose from. Such convenience! Just imagine all the uses for llama home delivery. Need your lawn trimmed and don't feel like mowing? Llama. Throwing a party for your kids and little Suzie wants something furry to ride? Llama. Going on a cross country trek and need a beast of burden? Llama.

See? How did we ever live without this? [Email Jokes]