Any North American shoppers looking for a hot hatch should scratch the VW Scriocco off the list as VW has officially put the kibosh on the svelte VeeDub in favor of the GTI. Tear.

Fearful of taking sales away from the new 2010 Golf GTI and unwilling to launch a new model in the harsh auto climate, Volkswagen of America's Tom Wegehaupt told AutoBlog it officially isn't happening.

We're a bit bummed by the news because the current Scirocco is by far the most attractive variation of the A3/Rabbitt/Golf/Altea/Touran/Jetta/Rabbitt platform. Having no good outlet for our disappointment we're going to irrationally lash out at the messenger. Damn you Tom Wegehaupt! Why do you hate America? Have you no shame!?!