Think you had a fun day at work today? Well we were just at the unveil for the Ford Transit Connect Family One Concept. It was held at the Ann Arbor Kids museum. Beat that.

The Ford Transit Connect Family One Concept was just revealed to a sea of enthusiastic kids kids at the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum. Considering the vehicle was designed with kids in mind as much as parents the little boogers mauled the car immediately.


The most kid-pleasing aspect of the car was the very clever plexiglass kiddie bulkhead which separates the front seats from the rear and has a painted surface at the top which front shelf-mounted projectors beam images onto. Two sides can show off two sources, one of which may be the webcams stowed around the vehicle which kids took to making faces at. The rear cargo area has integrated Lego storage and the seat back can fold down to have a Lego base to work from.

Otherwise the car gets updates with considerably nicer seats than standard with a crazy pearl finish leather and blue accents throughout. Don't get your hopes up about that light up shifter though, this one's a manual but there still aren't any plans for those to go into production. If you're around for the New York Auto Show and have rug rats of your own, bring em along as Ford's going to leave this one on the floor for everybody to play with.

Oh, and by the way we've blurred out kids faces because in Michigan, as in almost every state, it's illegal to show pictures of a minor without consent of the parents.