This beastly home-built car was spotted in Britain readying for its road-worthiness inspection. Did it pass? Let's just say when a crowd of inspectors gathers to laugh at your car, it's not a good sign.

We've never quite seen a vehicle so complete in a homage to misplaced optimism, but the builder fully expected it to pass, despite the leaky brake fluid and the drive shaft grinding against the chassis. Also, the utterly laughable bodywork which would make any inspector worth his salt question every nut and bolt on the car. Too bad, as it's reportedly got a Cosworth under that bumpy hood and the running gear actually looks decent.


But, after laughing at the effort, the inspectors put a prohibition order on the car and told the builder it would only be able to leave the lot on a trailer. Ouch. (Thanks for the tip William [BarryBoys]