Though they were never inexpensive (the base 2002 sold for about the same price as a loaded Impala), BMWs were once small and uncomplicated. Here's a pair of 2002s you might like.

First up is yet another batch of great car photos from Vintage Racer. It's a super-clean 2002tii Touring he shot at one of the many racing events he attends.

Next, we have a much quicker Bavarian. This is a 2002ti Alpina owned by Texas Enzo repairman Matt Groner. Here's what he has to say about his car:

I enjoyed the vintage racing article. Attached are pictures of my 2002ti Alpina that I bought from Germany in 2002. One of the pictures in your article shows one like mine behind the Escort. It's a small world. I bought my son a 95 M3 from the original owner in Arlington, Texas last year. I had vintage raced with him in 2004 and he was in the process of building an Escort to vintage race. Thus, he needed the room and sold me his M3 with original paint. It doesn't have original paint anymore thanks to my some taking it off track a couple times. Live and learn... At least he's doing it on the track and not on the street.