The Kia Forte LPI Hybrid is the brand's first production hybrid, the first use of lithium polymer batteries in a hybrid, and the first vehicle in Kia's new Eco-Dynamics sub-brand.

The Kia Forte goes on sale in the US later this year as the replacement for the underwhelming Spectra. While our Forte will have a fourbanger, this Kia LPI Hybrid features a small electric motor and a Liquefied Petroleum Injected engine, capable of combining for 124 HP and 41 MPG US. The lithium polymer (li-poly) battery will be supplied by LG Chem, who is also supplying the same battery for the Chevy Volt.

In addition to launching their first production hybrid, Kia also announced their Eco-Dynamics brand, a sub-brand dedicated to green vehicles (we assume they mean ecological and not just neon Hulk green). It's unclear whether or not this brand will make it to the U.S., but the company has plans to bring the Eco-Dynamics-branded vehicles to the international market.

[via Kia World]