Has your Ferrari lost its country club edge? Do you need something with more pizazz while cruising Miami looking for girlfriends-with-boyfriends? Then maybe you need Premier4509's new Ferrari F430 kit.

The photos below feature Premier4509's latest body kit, this time modifying the soon-to-be-replaced Ferrari F430. They've replaced the front and rear fascias with some aggressively designed sculpture with a bit of 430 Scuderia-like style and also given the cooling duct on the side a bit of Lamborghini LP640-like design cues. According to the talented guys at Premier, all pieces shown in black will in fact be hand-laid carbon fiber bits while everything else will be laid in fiberglass.

Not only will the Premier4509 receive a tastefully agrol body kit, it'll also feature a lowered, sportier stance while perched on a new set of shiny five-spoke alloys. Look for the kit to arrive around early June, right about when the economy turns its ugly head around (*crosses fingers). (Hat Tip To Ray!)

[via BadCopNoDonuts, Premier4509]