As we all know, the Tercel wagon long ago replaced the VW Transporter as hippie transportation of choice. Still, some traditionalists stick with the Volkswagen. This one, however, has departed Shakedown Street forever.

I found this Volks in a Northern California self-service yard while searching for a parts-donor Midget for my 20R Sprite Project (found the Midget, but it had been stripped clean). Yes, its last owner painted a big pot leaf and the word STONE on the side. You've got to admire the screw-the-Man spirit behind the paint job; let's hope the driver miraculously walked away from the wreck (or, better still, that the influence of 19 bowls of Northern Lights caused the parking brake to be forgotten, with the van rolling unoccupied down some Trinity County fire trail and into a tree).

At first glance, I wasn't quite sure what sort of object had been struck by the bus. Light pole? Utility pole? Tree? Ah yes, a tree… and here's the evidence that it was a redwood tree. That's like a Hummer being destroyed in a wreck with an Iraqi oil refinery!