A while ago, we brought you the 435 HP Roush 427R Mustang, now we know what didn't quite make it into that car, bits an pieces put together for a Roush Mustang design study.

Well off center stage where the Roush 427R was unveiled there sat a bright red 2010 Mustang with a snazzy new nose. Since it wasn't even hinted at in the main presentation we sought out some Roush folks to key us into this other car. According to Roush designers, it's a car made up of bits which were considered for the 427R but axed as a matter of cost constraints. Just because the parts on this car didn't quite make it doesn't mean they won't be available, they're testing the market to gauge interest on the black billet grille and scooped and louvered hood.


The replacement of those two parts act to clean up the nose of the Mustang and give the whole car less heavy appearance. The scoop eliminates the power dome and pulls the shape of the nose forward, serving to more evenly distribute the visual heft of the car. Seeing as how they look so at home on the 2010 Mustang we wouldn't be surprised to see these parts available as options on the 427R or standalone aftermarket parts.