We've always lauded the Honda Fit for its high build-quality. Proof? One took down an Amtrak train in Chelsea, Michigan last night.

This all started when the 42-year-old woman driving the Fit attempted to turn around and her tires stuck to the railroad tracks. We're not sure if they were so cold they froze to the tracks or, somehow, the front wheels were angled into the air in a way making it impossible to drive. Either way, the woman did what you should do when your car is stuck on the tracks and you see a train coming — she ran for her life.


The engineer attempted to halt the train when he saw the car ahead but was unable to fully bring it to a stop. The train's engine caught on fire and the Fit was totaled, but casualties were limited to two minor passenger injuries. All things considered, the Fit is in decent shape given the force it was thwacked with and the resulting fire.