Jalopnik's adopted Icelandic racer Kristján Einar, still looking for a sponsor to foot the $500,000 he'll need to join Newman-Wachs' Atlantic Championship team, is trying to raise cash himself. It's not going well.

You got to give Kristján credit for trying. However, he probably should stick to racing rather than vending.

Which is why we, along with our friends at Garage419, put together this commercial to continue to help try and make his dream of hitting the close-to-big racing league here in the United States and keep his long-term goal of making it to Formula One by his fifth year behind the wheel a reality.


So if you're a sponsor out there with an extra $500,000 to drop on the racing circuit, and want to make a big splash here and in the racing world, drop me an e-mail at ray@jalopnik.com. Let's get Kristján out of the mystery meat cart on Park Avenue and into where he belongs — the cockpit of a race car.

Kristján Einar is known as The Icelander. You can read more about his career at TheIcelander.com