It's Saint Patrick's Day and, if you're like us, you may be drinking. If so, you probably shouldn't drive. What's the best car to get picked up from the bar in?

Ray thinks the Honda Element is the best choice given the ability to spray down the back of the interior. Wes likes the idea of a truck with a pickup cap so you don't end up losing any drunk people. Ben, going in a different direction, likes a '88 Ford Festiva with no back seat because the horrible body control, cramped interior, buzzy engine and terrifying brakes serve to "amplify your intoxication."


Personally, we think a DeLorean is an appropriately fun way to pick up a drunk in. It looks awesome and shines amongst the M6 convertibles and hired Town Cars. With its large, gullwing opening its easy to get inside if you're less-than-coordinated. Unfortunately, once you're inside one you can't exactly roll down the window to expel your drinks onto the ground. No worries, just drive with the doors in the open position.

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