Back when we covered the NASA 25 Hours Of Thunderhill race, some of you wondered how in the hell what appeared to be an air-cooled VW Beetle could be out there on the track.

That was no regular Beetle, and it wasn't air-cooled; in fact, only the windshield is shared with the original Volkswagen Type 1. The Fun Cup Beetle is actually a tube-frame, fiberglass-bodied race car, purpose-built for the Fun Cup race series. The series started in Europe and has since crossed the Atlantic to our shores. Here's some in-car action from the 25 Hours At Spa:

A race-ready Fun Cup Beetle retails for $34,950 and includes a mid-mounted, ethanol-burning 2-liter Golf engine mounted to an Audi transaxle and making 150 horsepower. Seems like a decent deal for a full-on tube chassis racer, though we think more mix-and-match fiberglass bodies should be available. How about Renault 4CV, Nash Rambler wagon, Toyota Corona, and Moskvich 412 versions?
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