We always question the logic of platform prostitution, this apparent Chevy Cruze-based baby Buick spotted in heavy camouflage doing cold-weather testing is no different.

We like the idea of the Chevy Cruze, with the planned 45 MPG turbocharged direct injection 1.4-liter it could be a solid gold winner for the US market, but the idea of the same platform priced up with Buick badges has us hitting our heads on the table. Little is known at this point about the full intentions of the program, it may not be destined for US consumption but foreign sales only, it may get gas and diesel power or, considering it's a Delta II platform it may be getting the Voltec system. Who knows? We just know two ventiports on the sides and a waterfall grille on a Cruze is going to look might silly next to a brand new Buick LaCrosse. [World Car Fans]