Rumor has it that Bugatti will reveal an all-new model at the Frankfurt Auto Show in the Fall. This means we'll be able to finally talk about something other than the hyper-exotic Veyron.

As rumors go, details are lacking, but we've heard that Bugatti has several different options on the table, ranging from a hyper-luxury sedan to sink the Rolls Royce Phantom or an even more exclusive, more powerful hyper-exotic in the same vein as the Veyron or even a luxurious coupe follow up to the timeless Atlantique. With the production run of 300 coming to an end and the additional 150 Grand Sport editions, they'll need something much more mind blowing than the current $1.4 million car.

Will the Veyron's successor soldier on with the 1,001 horsepower, quad-turbo W16 engine or will we see something even more insane? We're not sure at this point, but all rumors are pointing at a concept version of the car being shown at the Frankfurt Auto Show this Fall, while a production version will likely hit in 2011 or 2012. Our main question is, with the economic crisis in full swing, will there be anyone left to buy yet another mind numbing, ultra expensive exotic car? From the sounds of it, we'll find out soon enough.